12/13/17 - Oakwood 2017: Going Aloft!

Oakwood 2017: Going Aloft!

St. Croix, USVI

Julian, Owen, Anna, Luke, Paul

December 13, 2017: It's Wednesday my dudes!

Today we woke up at 5am- A long deliberated decision that we made the night before.  Bleary-eyed, we set the sails for St. Croix. We had originally planned for a 13-hour voyage, but the course we sailed got us there in 10 hours. The crew took a step back and let us have more control over the ship. Boat check? More like- Boat? CHECK! Later in the day we climbed the rat boards and went aloft....

"It was outrageously incredible," said Luke.
"A high point of the trip," said Owen.
"It was cool how the birds caught the fish," said Paul.

Looking at the 70-foot ladder-like structure, not all of us thought we could do it. With each passing step, we left our comfort zones farther and farther behind. But, we all did it!

As we sat on the bowsprit of the boat, we got a front row seat to our arrival in St. Croix. The day culminated with swimming, brownies, and chores.