12/13/16 - Oakwood School: Respect

Oakwood School: Respect

Respect for ship, ship-mate, and self was today’s guiding theme. We started our day with our morning chores like cleaning the deck, cleaning the heads and doing boat checks to show our commitment to Roseway.  Throughout the day, as our ship-mates fell ill due to choppy waters, we took care and watched out for each other whether we were getting water for our friends, making sunscreen application competitions, or making sure we were all safe in the boat while throwing up. We were lucky to be the first group to go out on the bowsprit to ride the waves, and though this was what ultimately made us nauseous, it was still a beautiful day to be in the open ocean. Ending our day’s journey to St. Croix with a beautiful moonlit passage and a ham and plantain themed dinner, we are, for the lack of a better term, pooped. And though exhausted, we achieved our goal of being safe and respectful in regards to the boat, ourselves and each other. Today was possibly the best day of our voyage yet, with lots of love, laughs and respect, but mostly respect, was shared amongst all. xoxo, Roseway Gang