12/12/16 - Oakwood School: Awareness

Oakwood School: Awareness

Today we practiced behavioral, safety, and environmental awareness. We started the morning off by learning about coral from Brett. This connects with environmental awareness because we learned about our effect on the environment. The day greeted us with continual showers. As Californians, this was surprising, especially with the bright, intermittent sunlight. The suddenness of the rain astonished all west-coasters with the volatile nature of the sea. We were also awarded with four beautiful rainbows of vivid color that stretched across the sky. 

Before we departed our anchorage, we reefed the mainsail in order to safely handle the strong winds. Then, we set sail toward white caps and began a long chain of tacking, passing the sails from one side to the other in order to take full advantage of the wind. We had to be aware of what the crew was doing, what all the lines were being used for, and our own ability to help. It felt awesome to tack because we truly started to feel like we were finding our place on the boat. Some of us even had the chance to steer. To end the day, the group split up into watches, where some of us climbed aloft and the rest of us swam. The night concluded with a juicy brisket and some cupcakes to celebrate Sydney’s birthday. It was our best day yet because of our awareness of and involvement in the operations of the boat.