12/11/18 - The Oakwood School: Bioluminescent Bay

The Oakwood School: Bioluminescent Bay

Vieques, Puerto Rico

All Hands (Anchor Watch Activity)

Early this morning, we set out on a 50 mile sail from Buck Island to Isla de Vieques, filled with learning seamanship skills and reflecting on our experiences aboard Roseway so far. A few crew members got up early to get underway before breakfast. We worked together to raise all 4 sails and set our course for a broad reach toward Vieques. All of the different watches did separate rotations, each learning specific knowledge that would benefit them all in some way. C watch learned important information on navigation skills. B watch was on active watch. This rotation included taking care of the hourly boat check. B watch pumped bilges to keep the ship running properly. After the first rotation, we ate a Medeterrianian-themed lunch, and went right on into second rotations which included activities such as riding on the bowsprit and playing icebreaker games. By the time second rotation was up, we were nearly in Vieques, and we all worked to haul down and furl the sails. Once we anchored in Vieques, we ate a quick taco dinner and took the small boats out to the dock of the island. When on the island, we took a bus to Mosquito Bay, and kayaked to the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay. This experience was amazing! Our kayaks and paddles glowed with each movement in the water. Our tour guide enlightened us of the fun facts and hidden secrets of the bay. We were so sad to leave. Boarding the Roseway yet again, we had a final muster and went to bed.