12/11/17 - Oakwood 2017: Using Navigation Skills

Oakwood 2017: Using Navigation Skills

Culebra, PR

Oakwood School

December 11, 2017: "Anchor-watch is an interesting experience... I can't tell if I enjoy it." - Noah

We were woken up at an absurd time, but for something important- taking care of our Roseway while anchored at night! Anchor-watch: basically you must check all of the boat's "boatily" functions. But, we get good cookies. Our morning swim got cut short by friendly Ocean Park Rangers (most of St. John is a National Park). It was nice for the few minutes it lasted! We bid St. John farewell and headed for Culebra, PR. We used our navigation skills in class to chart where we were in the ocean.  Since we are small geniuses, we calculated our exact time of arrival to our new home.

Upon arrival, we were accompanied by some tarpon fish and flying bats. We are currently anchored in a small bay of the coast of Culebra and just finished a delicious dinner (one of many). Shout out to Della (our cook)!!

Good night Caribbean, we'll be here all night/week!

Left: Oakwood defines values they want to live onboard by (Initiation, Acceptance, Integrity, Respect, and Unity). Right: Captain Flansburg coaches Anna on the helm. 

Left: B Watch practices knots during the seamanship rotation.