12/10/18 - The Oakwood School: More Snorkeling Adventures

The Oakwood School: More Snorkeling Adventures

Buck Island, St. Croix

Kiki and Max

This morning got off on a bit of a rocky start. People were feeling seasick because of the rocking combined with the speed of the boat. However, when it came time for games, we all perked up a bit and got prepared for the journey ahead to Buck Island. Buck Island was the perfect storm of serenity to “finish” our day. It really helped turn our attitudes around about snorkeling because of our difficulties yesterday. Today was beautiful, fun, and overall great experience. Meals in general today were great, shoutout to Nick. Dave got splashed like crazy so props to him. Overall, a great day and we look forward for the things to come. 

~Thank you to Natalie, Turtle Intern from Buck Island Reef National Monument, for coming aboard and speaking about her experiences as an intern and educating us on local marine life.