12/10/17 - Oakwood 2017: Waking Up on the Water!

Oakwood 2017: Waking Up on the Water!

Oakwood School

December 10, 2017: We woke up in a new environment, on the water! The morning was a period of adjustment. Raising the sails for the first time was much more difficult/teamwork than we thought. The sails were so heavy and hard to get up, but it was very satisfying and beautiful when they were. The concept behind "Ship, Shipmate, Self" was explained to mean that the ship is our home for the week, we have to prioritize its wellbeing. Secondly, we have to lookout for each other, having 30ish people looking out for you puts you in a much safer space than if you're just taking care of yourself. We didn't know we'd be able to understand how to steer the boat using wind, direction, etc. We thought we'd be at a great disadvantage if we didn't know all the boat terms, but the crew was quick to assure us that we can and should ask if we're confused about anything.

Left: Our first day sailing! Headed to an anchorage near St. John. Right: Natalie on the helm.

Left: Students learn parts of the boat and about the different types of lines onboard.