12/10/16 - First Impressions: Oakwood School Sets Sail Aboard Roseway

First Impressions: Oakwood School Sets Sail Aboard Roseway

A Watch

The beginning of our journey started with three things: work, humidity, and sauce. Arriving at the Roseway, we began by boarding ourselves and our luggage into our bunks and immediately, after a small snack of grapes, sweaty cheese and saltines, we listened to a safety briefing from Captain Tom, and shortly after we were on the halyard lines pulling up the sails. We set on our way to our anchor spot, first encountering mild sea sickness and a nice wind, while watching the sunset. We reached our destination after two hours of sailing and we were finally able to jump in the water and cool off. After we dried off and changed, we ate a very saucy spaghetti dinner and completed our chores for the evening. 

Time to get mushy… our first day has been surreal. We are going to be living on this boat for the next six days, and though falling asleep all in one humid room, being rocked to sleep by the waves underneath us, we are already starting to feel at home. We have so much more to learn and an incredible amount of adventure ahead of us. We are thrilled to be embarking on such a unique, challenging, and enriching experience. Can’t wait to get to it! ‘Til next time!