11/17/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Sixty Three

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Sixty Three

Reef Bay, St. John

Chloe M.

Last night, the girls slept in deck. It was gorgeous out, with all the stars. Orion was especially bright and beautiful. After a good anchor watch from 5-6 with Lila, we slept well in our hammocks. In the morning, we shuttled a couple minutes to the beach on Maho Bay, and Kerri drove our small boat which was funny. The hike was straight up hill for a mile which really took the wind out of our sea bodies, but gave us such a gorgeous view of our boat and the clear, clear blue sea. The green variety of plants was amazing, and Claire taught us about the history of some of the intricate trees. We stopped for lunch at the petroglyphs, which reminded us of orientation because the rock looked like New Hampshire rock. We made our way to this sugar mill ruins where Matthew read us “Washington Black.” We all basked in the sun, and appreciated the story he was sharing with us. On the walk, there were these big black centipedes we were picking up, and Zach joked about putting it in Cole’s bunk and he screamed and freaked out, it was so funny. We finally came to the ocean again and we all ran into the water, after our nice long, tiring, and pretty hike. We all could already see our beautiful Roseway sailing towards us (pictures in my Polaroid) because the crew sailed it around to the South side of the Island for us. We small boated back, and got underway toward Vieques. The cliffs around us were so pretty, and we got a little fresh water sun shower as we were setting the sails. Hana, Kerri and I hauled on the main throat halyard together. So fun!!

I was JWO for the 1600-1800 watch. We all got in our Sunday’s best, and shared these gratitude notes we wrote for each other, with the sky and clouds lit up with gold and pink. Jaimes, Foster, Geoffrey and I took a late night bucky to cool off and end our busy day!

I’m so excited for more beach days, but I wish time would slow down. Why do we only have 6 more days left...?!? I love my watch and the people on this boat, and wanna soak up every minute. For now I have to got to bed because I have watch soon!