11/18/15 - Science Project Reflection

Science Project Reflection

JoJo McDonald

Sargassum's pretty neat
It likes to tickle my feet.
It won't drag me down to a pit
Here's how to identify it:
Fluitans blades are short and broad
Floats don't have a spike, they are not frauds.
Natans have no horns on the stem
But their floats might have a spike on the end.
Sargassum other has yet to be seen by me,
If I see it I'll say oh my gee!
All sargassum's ecosystems are very diverse
But cleaning it out of our lure is the worst.
It typically travels in packs
When it comes to beauty it lacks.
It's green and brown and smells kinda gross
Even Scott wouldn't want a dose.
Even though it's all kinda strange, the way it helps the ocean has a wide, wide range.
I used to hate it and would scream
But now when I see it I have a beam.
All I ask is that you give sargassum's a chance,
In the end all it does is enhance.