11/16/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Snorkeling

Ocean Classroom 2017: Snorkeling

Culebrita, PR


November 16, 2017: Early 0530 start to the second to last day of voyaging on the Roseway. The Roseway moved away from St. Croix, bound for Culebrita off of Culebra. The morning started with a cloudy sunrise, which I had the privilege of watching from aloft on the mainmast, with my buddy Parker. As Roseway headed northwest, a squall came from windward lasting around 20 minutes. With the tri-sail struck and the jib tied up, Roseway headed through the overcast seas, with boobies flying on both sides. After a six-seven hour voyage, we arrived to the Isla of Culebrita. The main event of the day was the long delayed snorkeling many times because of the hurricane season and small boat troubles. We were shuttled to the coast of the island in groups of 3. We went into the water, some of us hiked trails of the island. Overall, I have heard of an eagle ray, a small reef shark, and adult spiny lobster, and many fishes being sighted in the turtle sanctuary waters of Culebrita. Returning to the boat we motored off around 1815 headed for an anchorage in Culebra. The journey took 30 minutes, we came into the bay with island bats flying alongside the boat in the dark.