11/14/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Forming a Second Family

Ocean Classroom 2017: Forming a Second Family


November 14, 2017: As I sat in my car on the drive to Eagle Pond I was silent, my mom and brother questioned why. I told them that I knew that the next two months will change me and I was silent because I could not comprehend this idea. And we are here, two months later after our long passage from Florida to St. Croix. Over the journey, I had lots of time to think in silence on bow watch, on helm, and on the late nights looking at the stars. I have realized many things on this journey so far like I really can't grow a beard, and some more important things such as the joys of community and friendship. Through all these lessons, I think I found my answer as to why Ocean is so amazing and life-changing. There are many things that contribute to this trip being amazing such as the sailing, the beautiful sights, and the great food, but what really matters on this trip is your ship-mates. As I have found out on this boat nothing brings people closer than the sea. On this ship, all of the social identifiers go out the port lights, so everyone is on the same level. We are all crew on Roseway and nothing less, nothing more. Then life on the boat is so difficult that there is no extra energy to spend on anything but surviving on the boat. This means many things like people don't care what you look like or smell like, or how crazy you seem. The hardship on the boat also means that you can't be anyone but your true self. Put those two factors together, everyone on the same level and people showing true colors and you get a community of people who love each other and stick together. If you ask me do I know how I have changed, I might not be able to tell you each and every part but I can tell you that I have formed a second family.