11/12/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Fifty Eight

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Fifty Eight

Protestant Cay, Christiansted, St. Croix

Madeline B.

This morning as we sailed the Caribbean seas I spotted St. Croix at the helm and I was so indescribably comforted. It was a feeling I have never completely experienced. Because finally, after a whole 58 days of scrubbing salon floors with a rocking boat and hauling halyards in the pouring rain did this vision, talked about so frequently, come into view. The feeling of comfort, relief and excitement clouded my vision as the bumps of mountains and pink buildings came into focus on Roseway’s stern.

St. Croix is a destination I will never forget because of the journey. Because of the endless hours we spent travel long here. 35 people and I worked extremely hard to get to a small island that is one of Roseway’s homes. And it is the best way to travel. You don’t get to the destination in a plane, you have to work for it. We had to work endlessly to get here. And if the work stops, the progress stops and that destination becomes less of a reality and more of a dream.

10 days without land at sea was the final kick to bring this dream into a reality. This dream that is now a reality I will bask in and never be grateful enough for. St. Croix offered sun, clear waters and people who loved us from the sight of our Roseway Reds. Walking around St Croix we were recognized as voyagers by the widely diverse and dynamic locals. The locals congratulated us and welcomed us back to a place we had never stepped foot on before. This dream was even more in reality.

St Croix is the paradise I have worked for, we have surmounted to. It’s undeniable that it’s more than we could have hoped for. But soon this destination will be gone with a quick plane ride home to families. That return will be the true definition of bittersweet. The end of an unforgettable adventure but the return to people who will be able to celebrate the new developments within each of us. Through struggles and conquests, I could not imagine a better journey with better people on a better ship.

Signing off,

Madeline B.