11/12/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Why OC is Unique

Ocean Classroom 2017: Why OC is Unique


November 12, 2017:

Dear father dearest,

It’s Kai. We are 200 miles out from St. Croix, 13 days into the final voyage. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being the best parent along with the mom a kid could ever wish for. Thank you for always being there for me when I needed guidance. Thank you for filling all my wants and needs, and for showing me the difference between wants and needs. Most importantly thank you for giving me the incredible opportunity that is Ocean Classroom. Ocean Classroom has opened my eyes in so many new ways. From befriending the homeless in Charleston to blowing chunks in heavy seas. Before Ocean I thought that I knew what being tired was or what difficult chores were or what being uncomfortable was. Tired is waking up at midnight with two four-page papers on your mind then going out in the pouring rain to furl the jib in a squall. Chores aren't chores unless you’re doing them in the middle of the night; I will now gladly clean any toilet as none will compare to the ones on Roseway. Being uncomfortable is trying to sleep in the Fish. I never knew that I could sleep through all that body odor and heat. But, through all this, how many kids outside of Proctor get to lay in hammocks and look at the stars in front of a Marriott in Georgia? How many kids get to go to the tropics and have it count as school? The answer is none. This is what makes Ocean so special and unique. Ocean Classroom will forever be remembered as it has been the most life-changing thing I’ve done. Life as I now see it is more than Snapchat and school. Life is having fun and being a good person to all people. Anyway, it’s crazy to think “wow, my dad created this program.” It brings a sense of pride unrivaled by anything else. So thank you.


Kai (your favorite son)