11/08/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Fifty Four

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Fifty Four

Atlantic Ocean


Today we began for me at 0000. The midnight to 0400 watch can be challenging to stay awake for but what always makes night watches fly by is gazing at the stars. On a crystal clear night miles from land the stars are more than heavenly. Last night I learned that Orion's belt points to Taurus, and Taurus's alpha star points to Pleades, a constellation of 7 stars. As the stars melted away into a spectacular display pinks and oranges, we all were woken for an egg breakfast then dispersed to make ditty bags, practice navigation, or start watch. Our new tropical location brought heat and humidity to the day. The Salon had a distinct smell of sun screen despite the man red faces. We ended the day with an amazing savory dinner of pork and kale salad. We now all await a late night science class, the topic undisclosed. Just another day slipping away on the elegant Roseway!



P.S. Sending fair winds and clear skies from home would be appreciated ;)