11/06/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Fifty Two

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Fifty Two

Atlantic Ocean

Zach S.

Dear Voyage Log,

Today was absolutely beautiful. I had the 0400-0800 watch so I got to see an awesome sunrise. I went aloft solo to tend to a stranded watch flag. Honestly going aloft is terrifying but I still love it. I took a bucky after watch more to play in the water than to actually get clean. Today was full of classes and work. I completed a second seam on my ditty bag and saw a huge improvement in my stitches. I was so proud! Super productive day for me and my shipmates. Brandyn was detangling ropes all day and making these cool little furry things that I'm not really sure what they are but he was grinding for sure. Everyone is getting aloft cleared which is awesome to see. I know Ian did today. It's been so nice, I pretty much live in board shorts. I can't wait to get to the Caribbean but I'm sad to see the days tick by.