11/05/15 - Land-Ho!


St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands!!!

Yesterday, we heard rumors of getting to land in the late afternoon but we refused to believe until we reached the Virgin Passage which was thirty miles off of St. Croix. After two weeks on the open ocean the sight of land felt new and strange. By the time we had dropped anchor and sails, we could literally smell the land a short distance away from us. Even though we could not step on land that day, we were content with the stillness and the thought of a full night sleep.

When all the chores were done, Ashley, our Marine Science teacher, yelled out “Swim call!” It is amazing how two simple words brought so much joy into our eyes. We rushed down to pull on our bathing suits and ran back up on deck. After a long time of getting everyone back up we all lined up on the cap rail and tried to steady ourselves as the boat rocked back and forth. As Captain Tom counted down to three, we jumped in unison into the warm waters of the Caribbean.