11/03/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty Nine

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty Nine

Atlantic Ocean


Today was a Sunday which means no class and much appreciated rest. For me, the day started at 03:15 for A watch's 04:00 to 08:00 watch. The usual wake up is 03:30 but I was already awake so I got up. Saturday involved a lot of rest as well so I wasn't sleepy. At around 01:00 I felt so inspired to help our ecosystem that I fed the fish. Since I woke up early I had some time to do a little baby wipe shower and eat a Nature Valley bar. Feeling "clean," I started watch. We had a pretty chill watch besides a little rocky sea state. After watch and before breakfast we set the main. I was very excited to hear that we were having oatmeal for breakfast. I've always heard that Ocean Classroom transforms you but I never expected to become a lover of oatmeal. I decided to take a nap from 09:45-11:45 and it was a great decision. I woke up to eat lunch but considered going back to sleep afterward. Instead of sleeping through, I completed A-Watch's engineering almanac. Since it is Sunday Best, I took a buckie and put on my cleanest clothes which involved blue Patagonia shorts and my Roseway Red hoodie. The polaroid picture today is from almanacs and has everyone on the boat except me and Lizzie. It's crazy to think that I will only have 20 days left with these 35 people. We are currently around Florida and going 9.1 knots, but I don't want the rest of Ocean to fly by like the Roseway is flying down to St. Croix. It seems like just yesterday Matthew was standing with us around a bonfire at camp Kenwood telling us to prepare for the biggest journey of our lives... and possibly massive squids. I don't like to think that we have 20 days left. I prefer to think that we've had 49 days together on this boat.

Happy early birthday Mom!