11/02/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty Eight

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty Eight

Atlantic Ocean

Cole K.

Wow this is weird to write because this is my last voyage log I will ever write for Ocean Classroom. But apart from that I will tell about my day. I woke up and immediately had the 8 to 12 watch, so that was fun. It was very basic and I did very little but we did start to encounter foul weather. As soon as that started to happen I put on my foul weather gear so I could be resistant to the waves that were crashing on the deck. After watch I ate another fantastic meal made by Lizzie but after that I went down to bed and immediately fell asleep, which was nice to have after sleeping very little the night before. After getting sleep I woke up for dog watch and then dinner. Dinner was very tasty, and after dinner I went back to bed before my morning watch.

Hi Dad and Mom, see you soon!
Happy birthday on the 19th Dad
Happy birthday on the 22nd Mom