11/02/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Time is Valuable aboard Roseway!

Ocean Classroom 2017: Time is Valuable aboard Roseway!


November 2, 2017: With a little over two weeks left of Ocean Classroom, time is getting very low. Everyone is starting to cherish the voyage that will eventually brings tears and goodbyes. The morning started with a yummy breakfast of eggs by Brian the G.O.A.T. Following breakfast, the ship had an all hands Navigation class to prepare for the midterm. Post class, we ate lunch and began our afternoon. For History class this afternoon, it was not a normal type of class, as we learned about maritime tattoos and the meaning behind them. Believe it or not, we will be getting our own tats on Saturday to celebrate turning in our final paper (not real though). Always, at 1700, we had Almanacs where Cap finished reading about the schooner that exploded called Youth. Following Almanac, we had a dinner of rice, bread, and veggies. Counting on to the next day, time on Roseway gets more and more valuable!