11/01/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty Seven

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty Seven

Atlantic Ocean


Happy November 1st Voyage Log! Wow I can't believe we have 22 days left until we're boarding the plane to fly home. That is so crazy. We left Charleston at 1400 today to begin the long voyage toward St. Croix. One of our second to last port stops... :( This whole experience has flown by and I want it to slow down. I have loved Ocean Classroom and can't imagine actually going back to school. This long voyage ahead of us scares me because it's potentially 14 days on Roseway not seeing land. I can't wait for St. Croix though. It's going to be amazing sailing down there. I can't wait for the water color, the animals, and the warmth! Oh we also started JWO's today... OMG that scares me so much. I am also the next one for my watch, 2000-0000 which is good because I'm getting it over with, but it's also a ton of responsibility at stresses me out. I really want to do well! It also didn't feel like Halloween yesterday since it was so hot! I would take that though over snow any day :) Well I'm excited for this next journey in the Ocean Classroom experience!