11/01/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 42

Ocean Classroom: Day 42

Savannah, GA

AJ & Teagan

The exciting events of November 1st are brought to you by your favorite Foc’s’le bunk mates, AJ and Teagan.  To begin their exciting day, AJ climbed down and aggressively bared all of her weight on Teagan, abruptly waking her out of a peaceful slumber.  Teagan resentfully pushed AJ out of the hatch and into the harsh reality of future field-day events. 

After a fat breakfast of beautiful burritos, the two pals were sent back to the Fo’c’sle to commence a deep clean.  As music blasted, AJ pretended to clean her bunk, while the rest of A-watch slaved away with toothbrushes, brooms, sponges and many water downed chemicals to remove weeks of grime built up on the sole.  The hours flew by with blurs of semi-coordinated dance moves.  The two girls were then sent into town to fend for their own lunch.  Out of pure intelligence, they split up so bunkmate tension didn’t rise. 

Again, their free time went by in an uncontrollable blur.  Lunch and thrift store finds led them straight into another “Humans of the Port” adventure.  Neither one of them care to disclose the details of their time.  Finally, the moment, or hour, that the two happy bunkies have been waiting for for days… The phone calls home!  Though neither one of them have been mad about the absence nor removal from modern day life, they were not mad when they heard the voices of their loved ones.  Though their day had already been flying by, this hour passed in the blink of an eye.  Quick recaps of modern day life were pushed into their ears with no time to reflect or to feel much of anything.  Just taking it in to think about on dock watch tonight. 

When their phones were taken back, the bunkies sat down to brush their teeth and reflect on the whirlwind of the day they had.  Healthy routine bickering commences, and they tuck away in the starboard aft cave until tomorrow morning when it all begins again.

 ~Your Bunkies, AJ & Teagan

Docked at the Westin Hotel- Savannah, Georgia