10/30/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty Five

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty Five

Charleston, SC

Geoffrey H.

0600-0700: Ryan Kellogg and I started our first anchor watch in Charleston, SC.
0700-0800: I went back to bed for a half an hour to get as much sleep as possible. It sounds a little weird to sleep for a half an hour but on Ocean Classroom you try to get as much sleep as possible.
0730: All hands wake up for the day
0800: Breakfast is served. We had oatmeal and smoothies.
0900: Field Day!! It happens every couple weeks. Field day consists of giving the boat a deep clean, so get on your dirty clothes and get ready to be filthy. C Watch had the salon and main head which consists of cleaning every spec of dust from the floor boards to the ceiling and reorganizing the space to allow for more food for this long journey ahead. A Watch had the galley which consist of taking everything out of the kitchen, cleaning those things, cleaning the galley, and then putting everything back into the galley. B watch had the fish and foc's'le which consisted of cleaning every inch of our sleeping quarters.
1215-1300: Lunch time. Also a little break from field day chores. We had crab cakes.
1300-1400: We finish the last bits of our field day jobs. The boat looks so pretty and clean.
1400-1500: We got to take a shower to clean ourselves of the gross gunk from the boat. I'm talking fresh water that's warm and that does not come out of a hose.
1500-1630: We had a science class all about pollution in our environment and how much waste happens in the U.S.
1630-1700: We got changed into our fanciest clothes for a night out in town. This is the first time that we are allowed to have dinner in town with just students.
1700-2000: We left the boat and headed into town. We walked around for a half an hour looking for a place to eat. It is hard to find a place to eat when you can’t look up where it is. We ended up finding a place called Kickin Chicken. It was very good. I got a buffalo chicken sandwich with bacon-cheesy fries. It was nice to eat out with friends. After dinner we headed to this place called Jenny’s. The locals raved about it. It is an ice cream place that makes their own waffle cones. It was delicious. After ice cream, we did a little shopping. Charleston is a very beautiful place to walk through.
2000-2010: we were getting back to the boat when Andy (one of the deckhands) stopped us on the dock. He told us that we were going to have a surprise for cap. He told us to meet in the Fish Hold. Once we were all in there, they shut the door. We started to realize there might not actually be a surprise for cap.
2010-2130: We got called up in groups of three. Before this Mr. Terry came out is the darkness of the fish and told a horror story about fishing back in the day. They led us to the entrance of the galley and people started jumping out and grabbing us. It was very scary. The haunted house was the perfect end to a great night.
2200: people were starting to get very tired so they called it a night and went to bed. Goodnight.


P.S. Dabb on Em