10/30/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 40

Ocean Classroom: Day 40

Savannah, GA

Alex M.

Welcome to Halloween at Sea 2018!  This evening activity focused on a group game around solving the mystery of the captain’s murder on a boat, circa 1914.  The night started as we each received a unique role with a set of personal goals- the investigation is on for the night!  Players could use their in-game money, weapons, and cunning to put the pieces together and identify the murderer while completing their own agendas.  To help move the game forward, each player has a unique secret and clue that can help or hurt others.  My character was a Russian minister returning from a diplomatic trip to America.  My secret was that my engraved pistol had been stolen from my cabin before the murder took place.  At first, this secret led to a lot of fingers pointed my way, since the captain was shot dead.  However, as more of the mystery unfolded, knowing that someone had broken into my cabin led the team to conclude that the murderer was the stewardess on board!  In addition, forming alliances with other countries, identifying a smuggling scheme aboard, and retrieving my pistol were my side quests.  What made this activity so much fun was how much everyone was involved and invested in their characters, creating a much more intense game.  Definitely a night to remember!