10/30/15 - ​A Student Reflection

​A Student Reflection

Carl Hubbard

I stood at the bow, with my right hand at the jumbo sheet pin. We were traveling upwards of 10 knots, and in 4+ foot seas. Looking over the port side down at the waves we were crashing over revealed that the water was full of bioluminescence. Each crashing wave glowed with the small plankton that create stars in the sea, it was incredible. Cruising at 10+ knots, big waves, clear night sky, bioluminescence, can it get any better. Yes. "Hand to foreward" Cavo commands our watch. It's 0200 and we're striking the jib! I'm on the down haul, Noah is on the jib halyard, Taylor on the sheet, and Emily on the other downhaul. "Strike the jib!" Cavo called. The jib fell as the halyard and sheet were eased, and I scrambled, hauling in the downhaul as fast as possible.