10/29/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty Four

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty Four

Arrival in Charleston, SC

Henry A.

Sup voyage log,

Today was Tuesday and my watch C-Watch had the early 8-12 watch. This was exciting as we were on our way to Charleston. We arrived into Charleston around 12AM, we could have gone in much sooner but wanted to enter the channel to time the tides correctly. Once we got to the dock, Brooks spontaneously informed us that he would be leaving in an hour or so. Thus leaving us all in a hurry to write letters to faculty and our friends back at Procky. Ian and I took a few polaroids to add in the letters. After Brooks departed we all had a Navigation class by Cap! Then us stinky, slimy teenagers were able to head out into the town. Billy, Zach, Cole, Spinney and I all went out together, the majority of our time spent was walking checking out the town. But as our free time came to a close we all ran to Chubbies. The ending of our night was hanging out in the salon watching Moana. We all are extremely excited to do more exploring in Charleston over the next few days.


Photos to come!