10/29/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 39

Ocean Classroom: Day 39

Savannah, GA

Renny MT

With the stress of mid-terms fleeing, I can again begin my standard routine.  I was woken up by someone on B-watch at 23:30.  I was delighted to be woken up.  As soon as we got on deck, Ryan and I were sent forward to help tack the ship.  We were consumed by wave after wave, and within the first 15 minutes of our watch, we were soaked.  The shift came and went, and soon I was back asleep in my shelf of a bunk.

Later in the morning, I was extremely tired and tried to squeeze in a couple extra minutes of sleep.  C-watch then had the 12-1600 dog watch- this was anything but a normal watch.  We entered the Savannah River weaving through buoys and avoiding shallow points.  I took the helm about 45 minutes out and was tasked with steering the ship as we docked.  This was very difficult because the current was strong, and it became challenging to “steady up.” Cap talked me through it and showed me what to do.  We came along side the dock at the foot of the Westin Resort.  Shortly after docking Matthew and Ali ran inside and picked up all the mail that our friends and family sent us.  We then had some free time to bask in the hot Savannah sun before dinner. 

After dinner we went on a haunted tour of Savannah where haunted spots in town were pointed out to us.  It was hilarious to see some of the kids be so squeamish when ghost stories were told.  At the end of our tour, Graham and I entered the most haunted house in Savannah.  The musty smell and creek of the floor boards were not inviting.  Minimal light broke through, so it was hard to see where you were stepping.  I am not going to lie; it was a little creepy.  After a long day, everyone is back aboard the ship and getting some much needed rest.