10/28/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Surrounded by Supportive Crewmates

Ocean Classroom 2017: Surrounded by Supportive Crewmates

Fernandina Beach, FL


October 28, 2017: This morning everyone was woken bright and early to the smell of breakfast and a beautiful sunrise. I don't think I’ve ever seen so many gorgeous sunrises as I have during my time on Roseway. That’s one perk to waking up before the sun every day. After muster where we discussed the plan for the day, the students broke into watch groups and started chores. There was an undertone of anxiety in the air as students prepared for their closely approaching science midterm in the afternoon. During chores, breakfast, and post-breakfast, talk of ocean circulation, geology, plankton, and ocean chemistry were hot topics of conversation. Breakfast consisted of waffles, oatmeal, and mangoes which were a special treat. Cara and I made it our special mission to document Big Will eating his favorite fruit. The laughs started early on Roseway which tends to happen when you live in such a tight community of crew and students. After breakfast, students spent the day taking their exam, working on their short stories for lit, and attending history class. All activities were done on deck in the hot Florida sun, it was a scorcher. The crew had a day of maintenance to help preserve our incredible home. I spent a good chunk of the afternoon aloft sitting in the bosun’s chair slushing the fore and spring stays. I love how much can be seen from aloft. Crew laughing while working hard, students stretched out on all corners of the deck working on homework trying to maximize both sun exposure and personal study space, and finally looking at our surroundings. The flat, marshy harbor of Fernandina Beach—so different from my home in the Pacific Northwest. At one point while aloft, I watched a bald eagle swoop for something in the water and I was glad that Roseway had helped me get to a place I never thought I would visit. When I finished my work, I carefully climbed back down to deck and I felt proud to have made it across from one mast to the next hanging above the deck trusting myself and the rig enough to not feel scared, and instead being able to take in this new experience and challenge. Everyday I learn something new on Roseway and I think the same goes for the students, which is encouraging. After the workday, the students watched the ship and the crew got a few hours to explore the town. It’s always great to get a bit of time to check out the ports that we stop in. At 2100 the crew was all back onboard for the night. Students had set up hammocks on deck to sleep in and were playing music. A few students were working on homework and chatting in the main salon. It was a cozy ship. After a busy and exhausting day of work there’s nothing quite like climbing into your bunk and falling asleep, which is exactly what I did. Happy to have such a cozy nest surrounded by wonderful, silly, supportive crewmates.