10/27/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty Two

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty Two

Savannah, GA

Chloe M.

Today began with an early morning run and swim in the hotel pool for some of us early risers, with a fresh water hose shower for the sunrise. Today was one of those days that I felt really, extra lucky to be here.

We got some sad news today, that one of our mates was leaving, which was emotional since we were so close with her. It was ironic because the sky turned dark, and started to rain when we were saying our goodbyes. The afternoon sun was gorgeous, and brightened our moods by miles. We all hung out at the pool relaxing and swimming around, when Brooks showed up!

We had a lovely sunset dinner on deck and went into town for some ice cream with Brooks, and some explorations. Birgit, Tagh, Emily and I stumbled upon a jazz band singing on little market street. We danced and danced until the band finished, and headed back to the ferry to get back to Roseway. Brooks came bearing gifts: letters from school! It was kinda like Christmas, and Brooks was Santa... anyways tomorrow we will set sail for Charleston around 09:30. I’m getting so excited for the long passage, being on the open ocean, storms, fish, seasickness and all!

Having our phones last night was definitely weird, and as much as I liked talking to my family and friends, it was overwhelming, and I almost wish I hadn’t used it so that I wasn’t pulled out of “boat life” at all. All is well though, and I am snapped back into the Roseway world again. When strangers on the sidewalks in our port stops ask us about what we’re doing and we give them the whole run down are some of the times I feel so grateful for this adventure, and kind of realize how crazy it is.

Right now it is 00:21 and I have anchor watch at 05:00 so I gotta get some sleep, goodnight!

- Chloe

Photos to come!