10/27/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 37

Ocean Classroom: Day 37

Charleston, SC

Mackenzie T.

Another amazing day on Ocean Classroom, but where to begin?  I guess I’ll start with a great meal of breakfast sandwiches from our chef “The Don.”  We cleaned up brekkie and headed out on our adventure to the post office.  Once our group arrived at the destination, we picked out boxes to fit the amount of clothes we were going to send home.  We shipped off our layers and ironically stepped outside into a rare cold Charleston day.  

We came back to the boat ready to eat, but alas, we had to clean our bunks first!  It wasn’t too bad, but you start to realize how bad everyone smells when you dig through all your clothes.  Then, we had an amazing pizza lunch in the park with Brooks who had just arrived!  

Our group came back to the boat to take our dreaded Navigation Midterm, which wasn’t that bad after all!  It was on all the things we have been studying like DR’s (Deduced Reckoning), 3 bearing fixes, and radar.  Once finished, we had some free time to study, read, etc…  We had dinner (left-over pizza & salad), and I started to study for the science midterm tomorrow.  I’m going to sign off for now because I have to get up for the good ole 00:45 dock watch!