10/26/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty One

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty One

Savannah, Georgia


Dear Voyage Log,

Wow this has been a great day! It is nighttime in Savannah, Georgia and I am sitting amidships looking out at the city’s river, reflecting on my day. It seems that my days all blend together (in a good way), and seeing up at the top of the page that it is “Day 41” is wild! This journey is so much fun and I become more and more grateful everyday. So, the Roseway is in Savannah, Georgia now and today was our first full day to explore the new port! May I add that Savannah is gorgeous! Anyways my day began bright and early for a morning workout at 05:45! We decided to go on a run around where we were docked for about thirty minutes! It was strange to finally be able to run around and move my legs after days out at sea. After getting all sweaty and such we headed back to the boat and took a “freshwater hose shower” on the dock to get “so fresh and so clean!” Soon breakfast was served and we scarfed down our food to prepare to walk out into the city. We took the ferry across the Savannah River and into town. As we walked down the streets the Savannah State Homecoming Parade was going on which was interesting to see. It sure was sunny and hot today in Savannah and we were relieved to go into the Heritage Museum which had AC! The Heritage museum was small but cool. I enjoyed learning about how the settlers who came to Savannah designed the layout of the town to be in squares. We soon took a relaxed “tour” of the city and saw the historic beauty that Savannah holds! We even at one point came across the place where Forrest Gump sat on the bench! Soon we grabbed some coffee to re-energize for our free time! We wandered into the shops and I found a vintage clothing ship named “civvies!” Emily C. and I even went into a vintage shop and played dress-up! The outfits that we loved the most consisted of what looked like 80’s figure skating uniforms! How these uniforms ended up in a random vintage shop in Savannah I do not know, but Emily and I definitely had fun!

Soon, it was time to head back to muster outside of the ferry to go back to Roseway for class! We soon realized that our navigation class would be held in the hotel’s swimming pool we are docked in front of! We learned about tides and had time at the end to swim. We played sharks and minnows and chilled out in a hot tub. Is this the life or what? Today was definitely one of those days where I was thinking to myself, “Jaimes you’re in school right now - technically!” We soon were ready to go back to the boat and it started down pouring so we took the opportunity to take a group hose shower in the rain! People walking by the dock looked at us very strangely! Dinner came next and honestly at this point in the day everyone was antsy because we knew today was the day we could get our phones for 1 hour and call home! When I got my phone I immediately found a spot by myself and FaceTimed my mom, dad, and sister. I was honestly so happy and overwhelmed to see their faces. I just wanted to tell them every single thing that has happened since Boston! As I was catching up with friends at Proctor, family members, and anyone who answered I was so excited. I looked up at one point and saw all my shipmates doing the same, connecting with the people we love and miss, all with HUGE smiles on their faces. My hour was soon up and I said my “goodbyes and I love yous.” I returned back on the boat and just like that, back to business! I brushed my teeth, ate candy my mom sent (not in that order) and now I am in PJs writing this log entry! All I have to say is I am so happy and ready for what lies ahead in this voyage!

I love you mom, dad, Joe, Hank, Ally, grandparents, friends and more!

Peace out,