10/26/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 36

Ocean Classroom: Day 36

Charleston, SC

Nikki F.

My day started with a 11:30-12:45 anchor watch.  It was nice to be able to only stay up for a short period.  Although, one would think that having almost a full night’s sleep would recover our sleep schedules but to be honest- we are all very tired by now.  I’m a little nervous for the long trek and how everyone’s going to react to it.  Anyways, sorry for the drift in what I was originally writing about.  After my watch, I quickly fell back to sleep and was awoken at 06:45 in the morning.  All of us mustered mid-ships, broke off for chores, ate breakfast, and departed ship for the aquarium.

The Charleston aquarium was also a sea turtle sanctuary, where they [the aquarium organization] and marine scientists travel the area for injured and sick sea turtles in order to bring them back to health.  We arrived around 09:00am.  I was with Van and Mac (Mackenzie) the whole time- we explored all the tanks and show rooms.  My favorite theme was the twilight zone (3rd layer down in the ocean after sunlight and surface zones).  The kinds of species in the tanks were beautiful.  There were lionfish and hatchet fish and many, many others.  After that zone we walked to the room with sea otters.  They were soooo cute.  They were asleep so we couldn’t see them in action sadly.  Before the group sat down in the auditorium we went to the touch tank.  The touch tank possessed two species of sting rays.  I can’t remember the names, but the rays had a slimy texture to them as I dragged two of my fingers along its back.  One of the little ones came to me and basically stuck its self on the side of the pool.  It was so cool being able to touch a cool creature.  The three of us walked to the auditorium for an underwater carving show.  I was disappointed to find out that the pumpkins were pre-carved and we just had to vote on the best by cheering for your favorite pumpkin.  

After the pumpkin show, the group headed back to the ship for lunch.  After lunch, Matthew called an all hands class.  We had a quick reading quiz and had time to work on our shanties.  Van, Mac and I have a good one cookin’.   We then had time to run around on the Charleston College’s field.  I passed the ball around with Van and John.  After that activity time, all of us got to take a freshwater hose rinse.  It felt so nice.  Once cleaned, everyone got ready for a night out for free time and dinner.  

Van, Mac and I went to Urban Outfitters, and picked Gunther up on the way.  The net place we went to was Smoothie King.  I got an “immune boost” (mixed berries and antioxidants)- it was bomb!  The four of us walked down King St. to the “market.”  The market was a building that was used to sell slaves in the past.  For anyone who has been in Faniel Hall in Boston, the market here was like that, but instead of food, little trinkets filled the long building.  

As we walked down Princess St, we all agreed on Greek food for dinner- Yay!  The place we went to was called “Old Towns”, which was apparently the oldest family-owned restaurant in Charleston.  One New York strip later and a few stuffed grape leafs, we left to seek out gelato.  I got raspberry and Van got coconut.  Both were good!  We then trekked back to the Roseway.  The lot of us arrived and sat down to do homework.  The night ended with Neal trying to write a paragraph in red pen under a red light.  I was dying in laughter.  Well, that’s all folks!