10/25/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Forty

Arrival in Savannah

Lilia B.

Dear voyage log,

What a day. We started the day still hove-to from yesterday. My watch (C-Watch) got us underway at 2:15 AM this morning. That was during our 0000-0400 watch. A and B watch got us going to Savannah during their watches, and when it was our turn again, we entered into the Savannah River. It was an especially special day for me and a few other fellow Watch members because we got aloft cleared! Woohoo! Finally!! Now I don’t have to wear shoes on deck when we’re not on watch, such an amazing thing. After an hour or so in the Savannah River we finally arrived. We are currently docked right outside of the Westin, which is actually on the South Carolina side of Savannah. This afternoon we got the chance to go into town and do our humans of the port interview. My group found a fellow Proctor Alumnus who goes to SCAD to interview, and a few other locals. Savannah is so fun and we are all so excited for the rest of our visit here! However, I think the favorite part of all of our days was after dinner. We all received our packages and letters from home and a few from advisors and friends back at school. There were definitely a few tears. Everyone was so happy to hear from home! It has really been a great day, just like all others!!!

- Lila

P.S. Hey Mom and Dad!!