10/25/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 35

Ocean Classroom: Day 35

Charleston, SC


Today started in the morning.  I have finished my book called, The Nightingale.  We played an adult version of hide-and-seek after breakfast.  It was just like the children’s game, only people had radios and the activity was required by Homeland Security.  Also, we had to pretend that the hider was possibly armed, dangerous, or under the influence.  Luckily, we only found a ginger male named Ryan and a nice girl named Van, stowed away on our boat.

Drill finished, boat secured, time to enjoy Charleston.  As you walk down the streets, history spills out from every nook and cranny, and its SO cool.  Urban Outfitters is housed in an old theatre.  At the back of the store is the stage.  If you stepped onto it and looked up, you could see the curtain and ropes above you.  And if you looked out, you could see the upper mezzanine.  So cool!  The south is very different from any place else I’ve been.  Its got layers of history that I haven’t seen.  The houses, like New England, are all the same, but they are different here.  We walked down the streets, and they are packed with old houses.  The houses have front doors that lead onto porches instead of into the house.  If you don’t know what I am describing or haven’t seen them, look it up.  Or, the houses are pastel cement, which is gorgeous!

Tomorrow, ill need to buy some more snacks before we head to sea again.  If you have read Johnny’s log, you’ll know how important snacks are.  Recently, accusations have flown after six Oreos went on walk and didn’t come back.  We all have gallon Ziploc bags of snacks held in a bin.  Because, at 2am, when you have been awake for two hours in the middle of the night and are going to be awake for two more, a bite of chocolate is a much needed pick-me-up.  

Life on the Roseway has become so routine and normal now.  I no longer miss things like yoghurt or running.  And I’ve stopped craving a real bathroom and shower.  There are so many rewards to this life.  Seeing the wildlife for example.  The other morning, I spent an hour watching dolphins swimming and playing off our bow.  I’ve also gotten to see rats, and I’ve chased a fox with a broom because it wanted to come on our boat.

The most beautiful thing has been going aloft.  I climbed to the top of the mast on the most beautiful day.  The sun was shining and the wind was light and the weather was warm.  Atop the mast, I stood and was alone.  I could see for miles and miles.  Nothing but ocean, rippling across the surface and glistening with sunlight.  It was as if our boat were alone on a giant round blue platter filled with water- it was so round all around us.  Up there, I was separated from the earth, it felt, by not just space but by time.  I was in another world, and it was easy to forget all the troubles, stress, and corruptness of the world.  It was the most beautiful thing of all time. 

At this point, I’d like to give a shout-out to my fam.  Who may or may not ever read this.  But they’re cool and I love them a lot.  Also, I apologize if this log was scattered and confusing.  I decided to just write what came out of my brain.

And soon, it’s Halloween.  I am so excited.  Hopefully it will bring more candy- and hopefully I don’t come home from this trip with cavities.  We are all preparing for our murder mystery night.  New music will be dropping soon on the Roseway.  My group of artists I am collaborating with are writing a fire track called Shanty d’Oreo.  So it’s a big moment in the Roseway music industry.  And that’s all.