10/23/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Studying for Midterms

Ocean Classroom 2017: Studying for Midterms

Charleston, SC


October 23, 2017: Today was a bittersweet day on Roseway. We all said goodbye to a friend and crewmate. It was sad to see her leave, but we knew it was for the best.

We spent the rest of the day anchored in Charleston. Getting homework done and studying for our science midterm. Ali created a Jeopardy study guide that we were all able to play to win bonus points on our midterm. Miss Ordway also taught a class on ditty bag making. Ditty bags are bags that are used for learning stitches that are used to make sails. After they’re completed, they’re used to hold the tools that make sails. Another good thing that happened today was all the students finally got headrig cleared, which means we can go out on the bowsprit.

Left: Rowan talks to Miss Young about the Station Bill and Roseway's safety procedures. Right: Connor focuses intently to make sure his ditty bag stitches are sufficient.

Left: Miss Ordway works with a group of students in the Fish to get their ditty bags started. Right: Our galley assistant for the day, Joey, gets a batch of cookies ready to pop in the oven!