10/22/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Thirty Seven

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Thirty Seven

Around Cape Hatteras


Just as I thought the day had ended I awoke to dripping water on my face and knee that this was only the beginning. I went to bed on the earlier side knowing that I had an early watch, however there was no sleep last night due to crazy weather. The foc’s’le swayed back and forth all night while the watches on deck were heard all throughout the boat. With each wave that hit the deck there would be a chorus of shock. The sails were full as we cruised around cape Lookout.

Sleeping in the foc’s’le was like trying to go to sleep on a roller coaster. Sleep seemed unattainable with the violent waves crashing on us making a few minutes seem like seconds. In bed when your eyes finally started to close there was a sudden jolt from the waves causing you to be slammed against the wall and more wide awake than ever. At one point in the night I opened my curtain and saw the benches, rain jackets, and water bottles strewn across the sole while being soaked in water.


Photos to come!