10/20/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Thirty Five

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Thirty Five

Leaving Norfolk, VA


A cruise ship fifty times our size was the group’s wake up this morning as they pulled up on the opposite side of the dock. Not only was it loud, but it completely blocked our view of Norfolk harbor, even though it was ugly and raining, it still blocked our beautiful view. The entire morning ended up being super weird, starting off with unusual chores, then everyone went to hide in their racks, and finally moving over to the Nauticus cafe. That place did me dirty though, they gave me bread on my egg sandwich that had dairy in it, making my morning very uncomfortable. Anyways, I barely got any work done during that cafe excursion, everyone was just chatting it up the whole time. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking to people, I just wish I was more productive, even though we did not have much work because it was just midterms. We headed back to the boat for lunch and then set off into port. My group headed to the mall because we didn’t want to be outside in the rain, and also because it had great food. First, we hit up Pacsun, just browsed around, then we split off into smaller groups because some wanted to go to H&M and others wanted to get some grub at Johnny Rockets. I just needed a good old burger, it had been way too long, also got some fire fries. That was pretty much all we did and after we headed back to the boat, it we around dinner time. Half of us wanted to take dock showers with the hose, so with the cruise ship still there and new people loading on, we hit the dock and fired up the hose. Fresh water felt so nice oh my gosh, it has been forever since I have had a fresh water rinse. While we were all having a dock shower party, we had looked up at the cruise ship as people were on the balcony watching us from above. They thought it was so amusing to see eleven teenagers spraying each other with a hose and washing themselves. Don’t worry, they were not watching in a creepy way, it was super funny. Welp, that’s pretty much our fun-filled day! I hope y’all enjoyed. Peace out homies.