10/19/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Thirty Four

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Thirty Four

Norfolk, VA

Cedar K.

Dear voyage log,

Our day began promptly at 0700, we were woken up and we all drafted ourselves out of bed for chores, B Watch had deckwash. We slid all over while scrubbing due to the excess oil on the deck. Next was an amazing breakfast consisting of cream cheese topped pumpkin muffins and quiche. Kara, Kerri, Ms Nevin, and a handful of others and I had a thrilling conversation about ghosts. B watch cleaned up breakfast and then we ventured to the Chrysler Museum of Art. If I had to decide, my favorite exhibit was the marble statues and busts. After roaming the museum we walked over to the glass studio and saw a super cool demonstration. They were making a case that was white and blue and black, and it was fun to watch. Unfortunately, nearing the end of the process the soon-to-be vase broke, and the demo ended with a very little bowl. We walked around for while before learning some unfortunate news. Our beloved Genny was broken and the stove wasn’t working, we were given money to break off and find food. Eight of us set off for Chipotle and after walking twenty minutes and being convinced we didn’t know where we were going, we happily ate our burritos. They were fantastic of course and just when we thought we couldn’t eat more we passed a dessert shop. Eating our ice cream and toffee, we headed back to the ship for a “Rules of the Road” navigation class with Charlotte. When class came to an end we put on nice pants and walked over to where the Chesapeake Schooner Race ended. We helped clean up the celebration in exchange for a fantastic dinner of orzo salad, pork, and oyster, along with coleslaw. We ate our pork and salad and coleslaw back on the boat and B watch proceeded to clean the galley. Afterwards we shucked and ate the oysters while jamming to music. Then the oyster/music sesh devolved into a mini mosh pit on deck. Our dancing came to an end and we cleaned up the oyster mess. Once again we pulled our sleeping bags up on deck and set up for another movie, this time “Surf’s Up,” a move about surfing penguins. The movie came to an end, and most of us went to bed however some stayed on deck chatting. This continued until Mr. Terry reasonably told us we had to go to bed, considering it was 2300. So we went down, preparing for anchor watch at some point in the next few hours.