10/19/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 29

Ocean Classroom: Day 29

Norfolk, VA

Janelle M.

Oh, how the days have flown by on this amazing voyage!  Just a week ago we were bundled up in all of our warm layers bracing the New England cold.  Now we are stripping off layers as we voyage south towards subtropical climates. Our current location is in Norfolk, VA, docked next to the USS Wisconsin, a naval ship, which has the width of our length on deck (Roseway’s is 112’).  It could hold many, many, Roseways.  We are only one out of the whopping two schooners in this port, which is crazy compared to the amount that have surrounded us in the past.  Although, Norfolk holds the largest Naval base in the world, so the lack of schooners isn’t surprising.

We started out the day removing the mainsail, which is a very lengthy process, in order to patch the huge gash in the peak.  It was quite frustrating trying to undo the knots in the nettles. I started huffing and puffing and Cap began laughing and mimicking me, which really lightened the mood.  After getting two out and feeling accomplished, I got ready for the busy day ahead in port. We started our day on land with a bit of free time and met up with the educators for lunch.  From 12:00-14:00 my day finally felt relaxing for a bit. We spent that time eating lunch and attending a literature class.

After, we made our way to the Moses Myers house which was interesting.  But by the end of the tour we were quite burnt out so, instead of having marine science class, Ali generously gave us 45 minutes of re-energizing free time.  Mustering back at the house, we headed on our way towards a cemetery tour, which was bone chilling, even in broad daylight. After, we left with a bit of free time in our itinerary before our watch dinners.  Of course, we found ourselves being entertained at some skateboarding competition in the outskirts of town. From there we met up with our watches and quickly changed from Roseway reds to Sunday dinner attire for our “big night out.”  It’s sad to see B-watch without the three OG members- But we are continuing our journey with three new members and circling back to the OGs for our last week on Roseway!  Dinner was superb and the night is ending with 00:05 anchor watch.

Good night from Norfolk, VA!