10/19/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Vibrant Savannah!

Ocean Classroom 2017: Vibrant Savannah!

Savannah, GA


October 19, 2017: Today we entered the actual city part of Savannah, Georgia. Such character, such a vibrant sense of community amongst the people of this area. I ended up having 2 conversations with different people on the dock. We discussed the trip. Things like beginning destination, life at sea, etc. The students went for a ghost tour in town which was historically interesting, yet I never did believe in any of the old ghost tales. After the ghost tour ended, it seemed that there were quite a few of us (myself included) who were feeling vastly dehydrated. Luckily for us, there was a very enjoyable stop at a Ben & Jerry’s that included ice cream, shakes, and most importantly water. Today was very fun and I wouldn’t mind revisiting Savannah, Georgia.

Left: Aidan was VERY excited to receive fishing gear. Right: There were letters spread all across the deck...the students were busy reading letter for hours! 

Left: Parker decides what letter to open next. Right: More fishing gear to be excited about!