10/18/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Thirty Three

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Thirty Three

Norfolk, VA


Today was a day of rest and recharging. We were able to all have a well-needed sleep in. Since our plan was to depart Virginia today, we were able to take it easy. The reason we stayed put was due to a storm off of Cape Hatteras. Instead of setting sails we began the day with chores, then had an amazing breakfast thanks to our new cook Lizzi! After stuffing our bellies we were able to catch up on work, write letters, and relax. Those short hours of nothing were well treasured and was wrapped up with an equally as loved lunch. We had chili with toppings like cheese, avocado, and SOUR CREAM!! Unfortunately the head (bathroom) on board was under repair so we all took a trip to the shore head (land bathroom). Once comfortable we all departed for the post office to buy stamps/letters as well as to send them. Unfortunately it was closed but we will return hopefully tomorrow! After that stop we were set free to re-provision our snacks and work as groups on our humans of the port report. We returned to the boat for a lasagna dinner and then set up the projector and white sheet for an outdoor movie night. The movie was The Princess Bride, a classic! We all snuggled up in our sleeping bags and most stayed awake (very unusual, probably due to our sleep in hehe). We all wanted to sleep on deck but unfortunately it was forecasted to rain. We all crawled into our bunks and dozed off ready for a night watch and a new day!

Sending good vibes from Norfolk Harbor

- Kerri