10/18/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 28

Ocean Classroom: Day 28

Norfolk, VA


Okay, today was SO MUCH FUN!  We started out our day having Lit class in the park with Matthew.  We sat down in the grass and read an article “The Floating Aria” about a floating time capsule (message in a bottle). After class, to get some energy out, we started up a game of 2-hand-touch football.  After a couple plays we had to head back to the ship and change for our busy day ahead of us. 

As we walked into Nauticus (Naval history, science and Norfolk history museum) our jaws dropped.  There was so much for our minds to grasp: battle ship exhibits, marine biology technology, stunning films/photos that captured Norfolk’s history.  I felt like a kid in a candy store!  The museum’s wonders made us feel entirely curious, excited, proud… in pure awe!  Whether it was artifacts from Naval battleships or carpet sharks that we got to touch, it was amazing.  Most of us sat down for a 30-minute film touring the world’s oceans.  It was 3-D and SO SICK (good)! 

Time went by quickly, and soon we had to head back for lunch.  We ate as fast as we could so we could get to our next activity: touring the USS Wisconsin.  She’s a beautiful ship.  You look at her furious size and multiple HUGE turrets, and you wonder to yourself “who’d be foolish enough to threaten her?” We walked up and down her, constantly turning our heads.  She was over 1,000ft, bow to stern, and when pulled ashore, taller than the 16 story buildings beside us.  Listening to the stories, battles, places and history, we left her feeling grateful and proud of the service the thousands of soldiers on the ship served.  I will never forget that 2 hours on the USS Wisconsin. 

We all walked away in high spirits as we went in search for our Humans of the Port interviews.  A lot of us stayed within the museum and the battleship to conduct our interviews.  There were vets aboard the Wisconsin that my group interviewed.  They told us stories they experienced on the ship along with EVERY other fact you could imagine! 

Soon after conducting interviews we walked to the Art museum which was holding a festival.  The theme: NEON!  The sun set while we were walking around eating tasty food from food trucks.  After it set, we noticed a woman singing and DJ-ing her own music.  We sat and listened, and soon a group of us began to dance.  Then more.  Then strangers joined the kids.  Even some deckhands.  We danced our minds out, everyone was laughing and doing their thing.  EVERYONE!  We all swung our hands, whipped our hair, and kicked our legs, clapping, cheering and dancing in the warm lit up streets.  We danced continuously for a good hour- people walked by and stopped to join us in celebration.  People with fancy cameras showed up too.  We moved our dance party from the neon streets into the museum where there was live music and a dance floor.  All sweaty, giggly and happy, all of us danced.  We danced in thanks.  We danced in pure joy of the moments this voyage has gifted us with.  We danced with no fear because we are accomplishing extraordinary things.  We danced in LOVE for the experiences we are given.  And most importantly, we danced because we had each other.

PS- Hi mom and dad!  I miss and love you!