10/15/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Thirty

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Thirty

Arrival in Norfolk, VA

Emily C.

Okay, so, it's like day 30, per Matthew's count of our trip so far, and I must admit that I'm truly confused. So recently, I remember our cushy setup at Camp Kenwood where I felt like this trip would be an eternal sleepaway camp. Then, we went to Hurricane Island and next thing you know we drove to Boston and eventually shipped off on the Roseway, which felt like one week ago, tops! I guess on Ocean, you're so fully engaged, so completely enthralled by studying halyards or knots, you can't leave any room to process the past or consider the future. This structure doesn't permit any "counting of days or moments to think about time or dates, except if it's about the immediate 12 hours ahead. And I love it so much. While just discovering it is DAY-FREAKING-THIRTY, and a little unsettling, it reminds me that I have been so wholesomely consumed by our everyday activities - an awesomely rare thing to have. I can recount so many vivid memories from Ocean so far, like, our lobster-dinner-dance-party or series of late night watches.

- Emily