10/14/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 24

Ocean Classroom: Day 24

Off the coast of Delaware

Kristen G.

My day started at 03:30 this morning.  I was instructed that it would be very cold, and based on my experience on my previous 20:00-00:00 watch, I wasn’t taking any chances.  Under full foulies, I wore three pairs of pants and seven top layers.  When I emerged from the fo’c’sle hatch I was pleasantly surprised- it wasn’t cold or raining.  In fact, we had nice weather for the whole watch. 

I spent the first hour of watch stripping layers, cleaning the salon sole only to find out it had already been cleaned, and cleaning the head. Afterwards, I remained on the deck for forward lookout, relay, or on standby.  This morning was the first morning we enjoyed a beautiful sunset with warmer weather.  Also, a bat flew onto our boat.  We are now keeping our new friend lil’ Wayne in an old box on the quarter deck.  When my watch ended and I finished eating breakfast, I took a nap. 

About 30 minutes into my nap, I was awakened for a man overboard drill.  This was the first unexpected drill we have had.  Overall, it went well- we could have been more efficient with lowering the small boat into the water, but we were able to retrieve the soccer ball (Oscar) that simulated a person falling overboard.  Shortly afterward, I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until lunch.  After lunch I had a very relaxed afternoon.  I did some homework and reading while waiting for my 16:00-18:00 watch.  Also, during this time, my group and I completed the weather almanac.  During our watch, all hands mustered to listen to the three watches present weather, navigation, and engineering reports, followed by a story reading from Cap. 

For the remainder of watch, I studied for my aloft clearance test.  Tonight was Sunday formal, but unfortunately I did not bring nice clothes, so I wore a fleece and sweatpants to an amazing meal prepared by Brandon.  After dinner, I took part of my aloft clearance test, and I plan to finish it tomorrow.  I then played a game of Egyptian Rat Screw (ERS) with Johnny.  If I won, he would allow me to braid his hair, and if he won, I would teach him how to French braid.  I won, though, so I braided his hair (and I think it looks good!).  Now, I must prepare myself for my first graveyard shift tonight from midnight to 04:00.