10/13/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 23

Ocean Classroom: Day 23

New York Harbor

Teagan R.

Today can, easily, be described as one of the better days aboard beautiful Roseway.  I was awakened to an unfortunate cold, rainy front that swept away the little desire I had to exit the protection of my warm sleeping bed.  Ryan’s unsettling suggestion to “layer up under my foulies” only made me groan out of immediate dislike for the new day.  But, like everyone else, I rolled out of bed, apathetically shimmied into my traffic cone pants and made my way into the salon for breakfast.  Little did I know, the dark morning was only a deceitful curtain for the amazing day to come.  It only took a miserable four-hour watch, lunch, and a brief twenty-minute snooze until we reached the concrete jungle.  

Back up on deck, a light breeze burrowed under my layers and down into my bones.  Luckily, the fiery sun had begun fighting through the thick haze and lit up the city around us.  For a place I usually pin as hectic, loud, claustrophobic and extremely overwhelming (sometimes) I found myself shocked by this new, distant perspective.  Instead of pushing me to leave, the immense skyscrapers intrigued my civilization-deprived eyes.  As we cut through the city, focusing on dodging barge-jails, buoys, and gnat-like fishing boats, we ducked under bridges and avoided lively piers.  All of us stood on deck, wide eyed, reminiscing about our favorite stories of the Empire State.  

It wasn’t until we began to approach the Brooklyn Bridge, that Ryan, Daniel and I decided to make our unique experience a little more memorable.  We squeezed our heavily layered bodies into harnesses and climbed out onto the bowsprit.  The green, dirty city water rushed rapidly underneath us making it seem as though the water wanted to lick our ankles.  Above us, we watched the bridge create an overbearing shadow that wrapped greedily around us.  For a quick second, the sun disappeared and noises of the water were mimicked back to us from the stone walls.  The moment fled us just as quick as it came.  On the other side, Lady Liberty peaked out from the bend.  Astonished, I began to really absorb my surroundings.  How was it that I sat perched on the most freeing part of the boat and stared at this worldwide notion of liberty?  A few moments passed as I sat like a kid in a candy store, dazed by the extreme of this experience.  It, unfortunately, didn’t last long; the three of us were interrupted to set sail.  The fleeting moment was all I needed, leaving me in a raw amazement.

Now, the bright lights of Manhattan fade off into the distance, only water separating Roseway from the city.  From here, the buildings look like toy Legos. The noise, lives, and overwhelming joys of the city have been left behind, remaining as distant figments of our imaginations.  Our focus turns to the long, cold night that lies ahead.