10/13/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Twenty Eight

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Twenty Eight

Chesapeake Bay

Kara B.

Ocean Classroom Average Day

0400-0800 Watch
0800 Breakfast
0830-1000 Work on Homework
1000 Lit class with Matthew
1200 Lunch
1230-1500 Take a buckie or nap... or both
1500-1600 Nav class with Claire
1700 Almanacs
1800 Dinner
1900 Work on Journal Entries
2000-0000 Sleep
0000-0400 Watch

Proctor Winter Term Average Day

6:00 AM Wake up to finish homework or work out
7:30 AM Get ready for the day/shower
7:50 AM Breakfast
8:10 AM Class
10:50 AM Free Block, practice skate at rink
11:50-12:50 Lunch
3:10 PM Class ends
3:30-5:00 PM Hockey practice
5:30 PM Dinner
6:00-8:00 PM Lift in gym/shower after
8:00-10:00 PM Study Hall
10:30 PM Get ready for bed, call Mom and Dad
11:00 PM Go to bed after a quick Netflix session

These are two typical days that I've experienced. With schedules like this I find comfort in order and direction, but it can be nice to have a time to pause and reflect. That was today as it was a Sunday. At Proctor, Sundays are a time for me to get to lift for fun, hang out with friends, open the coffeehouse to have a study session, and watch the X-Files and Grey's Anatomy I've been waiting to see. Sundays on the boat are similar in the sense that I have time to work on personal things. Today I pursued some personal projects, took a buckie, napped a lot, and hung out. At 09:35 today, I sought out to place the Virginia flag up as we had entered my home state. We did not have one so I found a random flag to put up. It was all black with white lettering and it said "Home." This small moment was important to me because I am very rooted in my family and we all live in Glen Allen, VA. Besides this I pursued a small passion project. I bought a tiny boat in a bottle kit that I'm trying to assemble. Also, I worked on finding a book I find interesting to read during off moments. Sundays on the boat, at Proctor, or in Virginia all represent a pause from the constant moving pace of our world. Although I find comfort in the fast pace, it is important in a constant moving world where we have little time to relax, reset, and reflect. Whether it's napping the day away or completing a neglected to-do list, I always appreciate the gift of Sundays.