10/11/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 21

Ocean Classroom: Day 21

New London, CT

Ryan E.

Today I was awakened promptly at seven o’clock and was told to prepare for a run and workout with John and Holly around the city of New London, Connecticut.  I moaned and sat up remembering my decision last night of signing myself up for an hour of exercise in the morning.  I put on a T-shirt and shorts and climbed up on deck, making sure to fill my water bottle and stretch my legs.  As soon as the whole group of runners were ready, we took off, steadily jogging down the sidewalk, passing storefronts and coffee shops along the way.  We weaved our way through New London, ending our one and a half mile run on the pier where Roseway sat in the water.  John then lead us in a Tabata workout, pushing us with a series of interval sets, leaving me with a burn in my muscles and a strong feeling of satisfaction.

We got back on the ship and proceeded to dive right into a “field day,” where we cleaned the boat from bow to stern until the deck shined and down below smelled like a tropical breeze.  We made quick work of the field day, and were rewarded for our success with the chance to take a three minute shower, which felt amazing after two weeks without being able to stand under a shower head. 

Around this time some weather stirred up by Hurricane Michael rolled in, bringing rain and overcast skies.  Our educators informed us that in about an hour we would be making our way to the New London Library to work on research, and when we departed, almost everybody was in full fowlies (fowl weather full-body suits), ready to brace the weather.  After leaving the library with a handful of papers on wild vs farmed salmon, I hopped back on the Roseway and settled down for the night after a full plate of drumsticks, corn, and a healthy portion of rice.  Thus ended another spectacular day here on Ocean Classroom.