10/10/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 20

Ocean Classroom: Day 20

New London, CT

Alex M.

My day started at the ripe hour of 04:00.  Despite this being an ungodly time to be awake, the weather was clear, and the air coolly refreshing.  As the stars began to fade we found ourselves drenched in a cloud of fog.  Considering there was no rain and the seas were calm, we were surprisingly soaked.  However, the fog cleared and the rest of the boat joined C-watch on deck.  Brandon, our chef, came through for breakfast and cooked up the stuff of legend.  Pancakes on pancakes were arranged in the salon, and they were devoured.

Classes today proved to be useful.  History class used the time to review our past few days in port along with the activities we participated in.  Navigation class saw Captain Flansburg teaching us deduced reckoning, or ded-reckoning.  This navigation method uses the ship’s speed, direction, and time of voyage to estimate latitude and longitude.  To round out the day, Roseway docked in New London, Connecticut to enjoy good food from Brandon and a peaceful night.