10/09/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 19

Ocean Classroom: Day 19

New Bedford, MA

Renny MT

Today was just another day in port.  I received a standard wake up at 04:00, which I was thrilled about!  Today was the first time we would do anchor/dock watch without a deckhand or mate present.  This was really nice because it showed that we are earning the respect of the crew.  Graham and I had watch this morning, we performed the typical tasks of dock-watch: checked the lines for chaffing and completed a boat check.  Doing watch with Graham is nice because we joke around and talk about baseball. 

We were relieved from our watch around 05:45 and luckily got another hour of sleep. We had a jam-packed day, starting by heaping off to the New Bedford Whaling Museum.  The museum was really interesting- there was a half sized whaling vessel called the Lagoda, and although it wasn’t the original size, it was very impressive.  Our tour guides at the museum shared their extensive knowledge of the historic whaling industry.  One of my favorite aspects of the museum was when they showed us a sperm whale tooth.  It was surprisingly heavy. 

After the museum tour, we were given some free time in New Bedford.  Frances, Teagan, Cat and I went around New Bedford; we started our tour of the city by getting lunch at Bricks, which is a nice little pizza place on main street.  We then walked around and seemed to go into every open store.  We went to a folklorist store which was interesting.  It exposed me to a side of the world I did not know, and one which I’m not sure I ever want to know more about.  We then ventured through the quaint town of New Bedford and got ice cream.  By this time of the day, I had consumed too much food and walking became difficult. 

We then had to muster at the whaling museum where we broke off into our Humans of the Port groups.  Alex, Kristen and I interviewed three women from an antique store.  It was a really funny interview because the three ladies were really good friends and started arguing about the history of New Bedford.  Tonight Daniel is cooking dinner, so that will be sweet.  I am excited about getting back out on the ocean and voyaging down to Virginia.