10/09/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Twenty Four

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Twenty Four

Chesapeake Bay

Geoffrey H.

0500-0600: Lila, Jaimes and I started our anchor watch. We were anchored in Eastern Bay, MD. Anchor watch consists of checking the level of the bilges, the weather, the sea state, the inverter chargers, the batteries, and the depth of the water.

0600-0700: We got to go to bed and sleep for an hour before we had to wake up and start the day.

0700-0800: We woke up and started the day off by cleaning the boat. C Watch (my watch) has the job “soles and bowls.” That meant that we had to clean the main head (bathroom) and the salon. A great way to start off the day.

0800: We were rewarded with breakfast by our amazing cook Caz. She made apple-cinnamon pancakes, yogurt, and granola. The pancakes were so amazing that I ended up having nine.

0900: Captain called for all hands to prepare to set sail. We were headed for St. Mike’s, MD.

1100-1300: We arrived in St. Mikes and had some free time to get some homework done, read a book, hang out with people from other watches, or just sit back and let the wind blow in your hair.

1300: We were called for lunch. Caz made us white rice and beans with cornbread on the side. It was delicious.

1400-1500: We had a boat building class taught by our first mate Ms. Rags.

1500-1600: We had a science class taught by our educator Holly. We learned about water quality.

1600-1700: We had a class where we learned how to make a ditty bag. A ditty bag is a bag made from old sails. We used the old sails from the Roseway.

1800: Dinner was served. We had chicken breasts, cooked to perfection, green beans, and potatoes. It made my stomach very happy.

1900-2100: We played a very fun game with all students and crew called Werewolf. It is kind of like the game Mafia but a little different. It was lots of fun and we all had a great time.

2100: Most of us went to be because we needed our beauty rest before starting the next day.